The most comprehensive toxicology reference on the market, PEPID International covers everything healthcare professionals need to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of poisonings and overdoses. PEPID International’s toxicology information includes:

  1. The identification and management of toxicology emergencies including drugs of abuse, inhaled gases, heavy metals and caustics, occupational poisoning, household and cleaning agents, pesticides, plants, mushrooms, seafood, pests, and medication overdoses.
  2. A comprehensive antidote reference with dosing indications, adverse reactions, prescribing and administration information.
  3. Toxicology-specific lab profiles including descriptions, ranges and interpretation.
  4. Poisonous plant identification images are part of the toxicology illustrations section.


Integrate our extensive toxicology medical information into any EMR, HIS, EDIS to ensure proper identification and treatment of toxicology emergencies. All content is integration-ready using our SDK.

Assess, diagnose

& treat poisonings


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