Paediatric Information

Care for even the smallest patients using PEPID International’s paediatric medical reference. Paediatric information covers the full range of primary care, emergency and inpatient care.

Emergency and Trauma: includes resuscitation, foreign bodies, head trauma, maxillofacial injuries, neck & spine, chest trauma, abdomen, renal & pelvis, orthopedic trauma, skin, drowning, and special considerations.

Evaluation & Exams: includes complete history and age-related physical exams for newborns, infants, toddlers, elementary school age children, and adolescents — including well-child visits.

Developmental Guidelines and Milestones: covers the full paediatrics spectrum including breast feeding, SIDS, infant nutrition, growth and development, child obesity…even car restraints and toilet training. From prenatal to adolescence, you’ll be ready for any developmental concern.

Paediatric Disorders: includes in-depth genetic, communication and learning disorders

Adolescent Topics and Issues: includes gynecology, reproductive, and contraceptive information; privacy, eating disorders, illegal drugs and substance abuse, and suicide prevention

Screening Recommendations: routine screening by sex, age, and disease including AAP recommendations

Practice Management: paediatric ICD-9, ICD-10 and CPT-4 codes

Other Topics - includes paediatric toxicology, child abuse, developmental milestones, age-related tables and more


Integrate our extensive paediatric medical information into any EMR, HIS, EDIS to ensure all departments are ready to treat even the smallest of patients. All content is integration-ready using our SDK.

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