Patient Education Handouts

Our easy-to-understand patient education handouts are a great way for physicians to improve communication with patients. The information is concise, and summarizes the most important information in regards to the prescription, rather than package inserts that are lengthy and difficult for non-clinicians to understand.

PEPID International’s patient education handouts cover 1,200 of the most commonly prescribed medications, as well as herbals and other supplements. Each handout covers the important information about the prescription, distilled down to the most vital points. Sections include:

  1. Why a medicine is prescribed
  2. Storage information
  3. What to do if a dose is missed
  4. Cost information
  5. Potential side effects
  6. Interactions
  7. And more


System developers to easily integrate this information into any EMR or other HIT system. This allows healthcare professionals to access, customize or print this vital information from within their normal workflow.


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