LM Pro

Crucial information on common lab tests, from ordering points to critical values and interpretation, is always at your fingertips with PEPID International LM Pro. Our electronic laboratory manual provides everything you need to know for more accurate and complete test evaluations and patient assessments.

Detailed information on 300 common tests including:

  1. Critical values with links to high and low interpretation and symptoms and treatments
  2. Common use of test and crucial ordering points
  3. Method differences including sensitivity/specificity and screening/confirmation
  4. Normal reference ranges are presented in both SI standard and US units with gender and age differentials, and links to high and low interpretation, symptoms and treatments
  5. High and low interpretation coverage includes general comments, medical causes, factitious/spurious causes, and drug causes with links to symptoms and treatment
  6. Related tests section lists commonly related tests, plus testing strategies and other considerations
  7. Equations are linked to related PEPID International equations/calculators
  8. Physiology section provides information about underlying processes of the substance/metabolite being measured with origin, function, detrimental effects and excretion details
  9. Technical information includes collection methodology and guidelines
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Includes PEPID International's laboratory manual--LM Pro, a £79 value!
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