Electronic Medical Records

Integrate PEPID International's award-winning, respected clinical and drug information into your EMR or EHR to give your system a competitive advantage.Our comprehensive resources cover everything clinicians need to make better informed decisions at the bedside.

All our clinical and drug information is available for easy integration into any EMR system, and our data automatically maps to any drug identification or nomenclature system, eliminating coding issues and switching costs. PEPID International's clinical and drug data has built-in workflow that comes from thousands of hours of workplace experience, allowing you to easily integrate our data to maximize patient safety by providing clinicians with relevant information and alerts as they need them.

Clinical Decision Support Integration

Enhance your current or developing electronic medical record system with clinical and drug information to improve the quality and flow of information available to clinicians. PEPID International gives EMR vendors the functionality to use our clinical and drug data in a way that best suits the needs of clinicians – without long development cycles or complex system implementation. [Learn More]

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