Drug Pro

Detailed information on 7,500 medications for more accurate administration and a decreased probability of adverse reactions. DRUG Pro contains over-the-counter drugs, herbal remedies and an integrated drug interactions generator.

In a recent independent study, PEPID International's drug database scored highest on a combination of features that mean the most to clinical practitioners. These include structured information on indications and dosing, side effects, drug interactions, and special features like medical calculators and treatment algorithms. You are ready for anything with PEPID International's number one rated drug database.

DRUG Pro includes:

  1. Drug database including 7,500 drugs
  2. Topics include general pharmacology, infection/immune, anatomic, systemic, drug interaction mechanisms and drug related evidence-based medicine
  3. Comprehensive paediatric coverage includes scores and scales, and a full range of weight-based drug dosing calculators to enhance patient care and reduce errors
  4. Drug information includes up-to-date dosing and indicatons, dosing calculators, generics and trade names
  5. Powerful drug interactions generator allows you to simultaneously cross reference up to 50 medications and rates the seriousness of each interaction
  6. IV compatibility tool allows you to quickly compare Y-site, syringe and additives compatibility before combining
  7. More than 3,000 dosing and medical calculators provide instant access to virtually every calculation you'll ever need many are pre-populated to save you precious time
  8. Internationally comprehensive with SI units, US units, and SI to US unit conversion calculators
  9. Toxicology section that includes identification, drugs of abuse, medication overdoses and antidotes
  10. Dynamic index lets you search for drugs, herbals/nutritional supplements, equations, etc. all from one place
  11. Continuously updated content so you stay current
One Year: £59.00
Two Years: £99.00
Includes PEPID International laboratory manual--LM Pro, a £79 value!
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