Drug Interaction Checker

Minimize adverse drug events with the PEPID International drug interaction checker.

Check for possible interactions between a patient's entire medication regime – including prescription, OTC, herbal, supplement or foods. The most powerful drug interaction checker available, PEPID International provides a ranked listing of all possible interactions, and a description of each reaction.


  1. Drug-drug
  2. Drug-allergy
  3. Drug-nutrient
  4. Drug-alternative medicine
  5. Drug-food


  1. Identify drug interactions and minimize adverse events
  2. Ranked by severity
  3. Description of each interaction
  4. No redundant information
  5. Customized alerts

System Capabilities

Use the PEPID International drug interaction checker within any healthcare system to populate customized alerts based on severity, or patient history. This functionality is integration-ready by using our well-defined methods and APIs, giving developers the flexibility to create meaningful alerts, and prevent message overload.


Prevent errors

increase patient safety

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