Drug Data

The most extensive drug database on the market today, PEPID International covers more than 100,000 drug products, including prescription, OTC, herbal, supplement and foods from more than 35 different countries. Designed for use at the point of care, healthcare professionals can rely on this authoritative drug data as a component of their EMR or pharmacy information system, online, or from any mobile device.

PEPID International's authoritative drug data is continuously updated and reviewed, and provides the critical drug information monographs that can be easily integrated into clinical information systems.

Our international drug database contains 35,000 drug names from 35 different countries. Our drug monographs contain:

  1. Adult Dosing
  2. Paediatric Dosing
  3. Dose Ranges
  4. Route
  5. Form
  6. Instructions
  7. Unit of Measure
  8. Strength
  9. Contraindications
  10. Cautions
  11. Indications and Uses
  12. Mechanisms of Action
  13. Adverse Drug Reactions
  14. Kinetics/Dynamics
  15. Pregnancy/Lactation
  16. Overdose Management
  17. Interactions
  18. Trades and Cost Information
  19. Patient Education Handouts
  20. Evidence-Based Inquiries
  21. Nursing Considerations

The information in our drug database is unbiased, and not influenced by pharmaceutical companies.



Integrate our extensive international drug information monographs into any EMR, HIS, EDIS around the world to minimize medication errors and improve patient care. All content is integration-ready using our SDK, or via database tables that are compatible with Oracle or Microsoft SQL.

35,000 drug names

from over 35 countries

drug information
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