Data Integration

All the content PEPID International has to offer is available for easy integration into any system. The PEPID Knowledge Base (PKB) provides flexible delivery options, including a SDK and agnostic database that seamlessly integrate into your system, driving down implementation and switching costs, and increasing usability by healthcare professionals. The PKB is compatible with any development environment, and supports all delivery platforms — including mobile.

Software Development Kit

PEPID International's software development kit (SDK) includes well-defined APIs that make it simple to integrate extensive clinical and drug content, interactive tools, warnings and workflow:

  1. Easy integration using any programming language or environment, including Java, C#, C++, .Net or .ASP
  2. Cross mapping engine – the PEPID Knowledge Base supports all major code sets and nomenclature systems, so you donít have to worry about additional development time or coding issues
  3. Easy updates – PEPID International information is continuously updated, so you donít need to worry about out-of-date information or recoding
  4. Security – all information is available in front, or behind your firewall
  5. Extensive technical reference manual – view detailed technology information on all our API calls as well as examples

Agnostic Database

PEPID International also provides an agnostic database that allows system developers to retrieve critical drug information.

  1. Import extensive drug information into your existing system using the PEPID International pre-defined database structure and schema, or define your own export format
  2. Compatible with all popular database management systems, including Oracle, MySQL, and SQL
  3. Complete customisation allows developers to meet their organization’s unique needs
  4. Regular updates delivered via FTP
  5. Extensive technical reference manual – view detailed information on all database format, tables and schema

Supported Code Sets

  1. First DataBank
  2. Free form text, Trades and/or Generics
  3. Gold Standard Alchemy
  4. Health Authority -- Abu Dhabi
  5. ICD -10 (International Classification of Disease, 10th edition)
  6. ICD-9 (International Classification of Disease, 9th edition)
  7. Master Drug Database
  8. Metathesaurus FDA National Drug Code Directory
  9. Metathesaurus FDA Structured Product Labels
  10. Micromedex DRUGEX
  11. Multum MediSource Lexicon
  12. National Drug Code Directory
  13. PEPID ID
  14. RxNorm Vocabulary
  15. Saudi Food and Drug Authority
  16. SNOMED
  17. Unified Medical Language System
  18. United Arab Emirates Standard
  19. Veterans Health Administration National Drug File

Easy Integration

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