International Primary Pro

PEPID INTERNATIONAL PRIMARY Pro is the most comprehensive, fully integrated clinical decision support tool designed specifically for primary care doctors in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

This comprehensive diagnostic support tool allows you to immediately access an international drug database with 30,000 drug names from 38 countries, reference thousands of up-to-date clinical situations, rapidly identify potential life-threatening interactions, and effortlessly perform thousands of medical calculations

INTL PRIMARY Pro features:

  1. Immediate access to life saving protocols, procedures, quick drugs and drips, toxidromes and algorithms
  2. Detailed information on 2,700 diseases and conditions with comprehensive pathophysiology, epidemiology, diagnostics, therapeutics, follow-up, prognosis and preventive information. Accessed by medical specialty or organ system, each subject is written and designed by leading experts in that specialty
  3. Comprehensive paediatric coverage includes scores and scales, and a full range of weight-based drug dosing calculators to enhance patient care and reduce errors.
  4. International drug database contains 30,000 drug names from 38 countries and includes trade names, over-the-counter drugs, herbals, supplements and foods
  5. Drug information includes up-to-date dosing and indications, dosing calculators, generics and trade names
  6. Powerful drug interactions generator allows you to simultaneously cross reference up to 50 medications and rates the seriousness of each interaction
  7. IV compatibility tool allows you to quickly compare Y-site, syringe and additives compatibility before combining
  8. Employ best practice methods by referencing key evidence-based topics and related inquiries selected for busy doctors
  9. 750+ high-resolution colour images include anatomical illustrations, rhythm strips, and procedures for quick visual reference
  10. More than 3,000 dosing and medical calculators provide instant access to virtually every calculation you'll ever need many are pre-populated to save you precious time
  11. Internationally comprehensive with SI units, US units, and SI to US unit conversion calculators
  12. Controlled substance classifications according to drug laws of US, UK, Canada, Australia & several European countries, together with penalties for illegal possession. Also includes UN Classifications
  13. Toxicology section includes identification, drugs of abuse, medication overdoses and antidotes
  14. Laboratory manual covers 300 tests with information on normal ranges, interpretation, related tests and technical details
  15. Weapons of mass destruction section provides diagnostic and treatment information for the care of victims of nuclear, chemical and biological events
  16. Continuously updated content so you stay current

INTL PRIMARY Pro is the result of a unique collaboration by leading academic and clinical doctors in all specialties.
It is recognized as the "gold-standard" of information resources for clinical patient care.

One Year: £179.00
Two Years: £299.00
Includes PEPID Internatinal's laboratory manual--LM Pro, a £79 value!
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