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Ease the transition from healthcare education to practice by implementing PEPID International resources into your curriculum. Already used in hundreds of nursing schools, residency programs, medical schools and pharmacy programs around the world, PEPID International provides students with both an excellent learning tool and a professional clinical and drug reference ó helping students to bridge the gap between classroom and clinical settings.

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Integrating Electronic Resources into Your Curriculum


Allow students to literally carry an authoritative resource with them from the classroom to the clinical setting, and then on to professional practice. A leader in mobile technology, PEPID International can be used on any smartphone or PDA device, making clinical decision support available wherever, or whenever itís needed, and gives your students confidence at the bedside. [Learn More]


Students can have access to PEPID International Online from any PC, Mac or laptop computer in a computer lab, library or even at home. Our content and tools are automatically updated regularly, so you can rest assure the information your students are accessing is always current. [Learn More]


PEPID International in Nursing Schools

Used by major nursing schools around the globe from the earliest fundaments, to clinicals and labs, PEPID International RN Student provides students with everything from pathophysiology and diagnostics, to treatment plans and nursing considerations, as well as NANDA nursing diagnoses and our entire RN Pro Suite ó creating an easy link from nursing education to practice.

Created by nurses for student nurses, PEPID International RN Student is designed to help students feel comfortable using support information at the point of care, during daily patient care. The ability to evaluate a situation, minimize patient risk, develop a plan and execute it should rely on expert resources, and teaching the integration of information as part of a standard of practice is an important element in educating our future nurses. PEPID International RN Student contributes to each stage of the nursing process and delivers the best evidence to the point of care.

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PEPID International in Medical Schools and Residency Programs

PEPID International Clinical Rotation Companion (CRC) is designed specifically for physicians-in-training. Packed with pearls of wisdom from experienced practitioners, PEPID International CRC gives the answers to studentís clinical questions, acting like a peripheral brain and giving medical students confidence in their decisions. Rotation-specific topics include step-by-step instructions for patient history and physical exam, admit and discharge orders, SOAP notes and more.

With PEPID International CRC, the transition from medical school to resident to training physician is seamless.

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PEPID International for Physician Assistant Programs

Implement PEPID International Clinical Rotation Companion (CRC) into your physician assistant program to give your training PAs access to a complete medical and drug reference. CRC gives physician assistants instant access to everything they need to make confident decisions ó a differential diagnosis generator to help pinpoint diagnoses, thousands of diseases and conditions, the most extensive drug database on the market and integrated evidence-based practice recommendations and inquiries. PEPID International CRC is designed to help students feel comfortable using clinical decision support at the point of care, and teaching the integration of information as part of a standard of practice is an important element in educating our future PAs.

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PEPID International in Pharmacy Education

PEPID International Drug Pro is a proven reference tool and drug database. Providing your pharmacists-in-training with access to an electronic drug database can help them become more confident, minimize medication errors and help your program produce better pharmacists. Containing comprehensive information on herbals, nutritional supplements, OTCs, trades and generics, PEPID International Drug Pro also contains a powerful drug interactions checker, a complete toxicology reference and drug-related labs.

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